Monday, October 15, 2012

Music for Little Monsters

More music for the season. This cool CD from Buffalo Bop is a collection of rockabilly horror from the 50's. Sort of the original Psychobilly, but with that "lo-fi 50's blast" as it's promised on the label.

Monster Bop, Buffalo Bop, CD 55013
This CD is as much fun as fist full of jawbreakers, a bottle of rootbeer and a stack of Monster Magazines. Just the kind of stuff to rot one's young mind and take up cigarrette smoking and chasing girls of loose morals. I have a stack of these Buffalo Bop compilations, made in Germany, and each one of them is a blast. This one makes it to the disk player every year about this time. 30 songs of greasy rockabilly horror to get your toes tappin' and your fingers snappin'. Songs include "Rocking in the Graveyard" by Jackie Morningstar, "The Head Hunters" by Mike Fern, "Graveyard" by The Phantom Five, "You Can Call Him Frankenstein" by The Castle Kings, and more. Really, there isn't a dud on the disk in my humble opinion. But then, I love this stuff.

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