Sunday, October 28, 2012

Classic Pulps - Weird Tales October 1933

Weird Tales - October 1933

Keeping with the season I thought I'd spotlight an issue of one of the best and longest running pulps ever, Weird Tales. The cover art is by Margaret Brundage, titled, appropriately enough, "Bat Girl". This is probably one of the better known pulp covers of Weird Tales. I have an old paperback anthology entitled Worlds of Weird published by Jove in 1978 with the same cover as above. This issue of Weird Tales is a good one. In it you've got a Conan story "The Pool of the Black One" by Robert E. Howard. Also a crazy sci-fi tale of zombies on the planet Pluto entitled "The Plutonian Terror" by Jack Williamson. Clark Ashton Smith makes one of his many appearances with "The Seed of the Sepulcher" about a "diabolical" plant in the jungles of Venezuela. The cover story is "The Vampire Master" by Hugh Davidson, someone whose work I'm not familiar with, outside the story here. Also included are stories by Seabury Quinn and Frank Belknap Long, very familiar names to pulp fans, and whose work you can find fairly easily to this day. The cool thing about these old pulps is that they're finding new life for today's fans. If you want a reprint of this particular issue you can order one, like I did, throught The Vintage Library.

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