Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Husker Du - Books About UFOs

I don't know how anyone can not hear this bouncy love song by Husker Du and not smile and relate to it in some fashion. Written by Grant Hart for their album New Day Rising "Books About UFOs" has all the right ingredients for a great song. There is a love-struck nerd, a dreamy girl who reads books about UFOs, faraway planets, and a promise to name one after her. And who wouldn't have a monster crush on a dreamy girl who reads books about UFOs? 

Husker Du had a lot of really cool songs in their career, but this is one of their very best in my humble opinion. I typically prefer Grant Hart's songs to Bob Mould's, who usually went deeper, often more painfully, into his subject matter. This is one band that I'm glad I got to see back in the 80s before their breakup. Along with bassist Greg Norton, Husker Du was easily one of the best bands of that decade, and sadly not played enough, if at all, by crappy radio stations today (nor then) who give lip service to so-called 80s music. Yeah, that's right. Forget about that Phil Collins crap and go out there and find the really good stuff instead. Enjoy.

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