Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Morning Psych - Giant Crab

From their 1968 album A Giant Crab Comes Forth on Uni Records, here is "It Started With A Little Kiss" by Ernie Orosco.

The album was produced by Bill Homes. This is the 2nd song on side one of the record, right after an intro monologue by Johnny Fairchild. The album was dedicated to Johnny Fairchild, music director of radio K.I.S.T. of Santa Barbara California, in thanks for his encouragement to Giant Crab and other "psych" artists of the day like Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Music Machine, Bobby Fuller and "countless other groups and people." Clearly this was back in a time where radio programs weren't designed by corporate bean counters.

I understand there was a release of this record on CD. I found it on vinyl at a Zia Record store in Phoenix and was quite happy about it. This song is a good representation of the album as a whole, with its multiple instruments and bright sounding psych-pop. Enjoy.

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