Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some New Sci-Fi Pulps

Man, it's been a while since I've done a post here. Things busy around my corner of the universe. In the past couple weeks I've been doing job interviews, and have found out just yesterday that I'll be starting a new job in March, which is going to be kind of exciting.

I've picked up a couple of new records, some cool books and some old pulp mags in the past few weeks. I thought I'd post the 3 of the pulp magazines here.

The first one is the April 1958 issue of Super-Science Fiction a cover by Ed Emshwiller (Emsh) showing a space Amazon babe decked out in all her battle glory.

The authors inside include Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg and Harlan Ellison. The cover story is "Planet of Parasites" by Calvin M. Knox. I don't know anything about Knox, but I'll be giving the stories here a shot. I love old 50s Science Fiction so I'm thinking most of these stories will be entertaining.

The next two magazines are Other Worlds Science Stories (November 1950) and Fantastic Science Fiction from June 1956.

The cover painting for Other Worlds is by Hannes Bok and depicts a scene from the lead story, "Bubastis of Egupt" by Craig Browning. I wish my crappy photo could show the vibrant colors, but at least you get the idea here. The cover for Fantastic is by Edward Valigursky for the story "Conception: Zero" by Gerald Vance. "Conception: Zero" is kind of interesting in that it addresses the Earth's population explosion in the future, where it is against the law for a woman to conceive a child without express permission from the government. Most women have undergone a forced sterilization procedure, and those that have not are considered outlaws. Fantastic Science Fiction was edited by Howard Browne, who wrote some really good detective novels in the 40s: Halo in Brass, Halo for Satan, and Halo in Blood. He also wrote a good mystery, Thin Air which is probably not hard to find. I've read two of the Halo books and Thin Air and can recommend them easily. Authors in Other Worlds include Rog Phillips, Charles R. Tanner and Peter Dexter. Fantastic contains stories by Robert Silverberg, Milton Lessor and Karl Stanley.

I picked up all three pulps shown here for a grand total of $15, or $5 each. All of them are digest size and great reading copies, with no tears and covers falling off. Should be some fun reading ahead.

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