Saturday, January 4, 2014

Last Waltz on Wild Horse - T.T. Flynn

I have to put out a thanks to James Reasoner for introducing me to the works of T.T. Flynn through his blog, Rough Edges. I've only recently (in the last two years) started reading more westerns, so I have a lot of writers yet to discover.

Dime Western, October 1, 1934
I recently found a collection of four T.T. Flynn stories from the pulps in the Leisure paperback, Last Waltz on Wild Horse, published by Dorchester Publishing in 2010. The collection includes "Showdown in Blood" (Dime Western, May 1948), "Spawn of the Gun Pack" (Western Story, April 1941), "Last of the Fighting O'Days" (pictured above) and "Last Waltz on Wild Horse" from Zane Grey's Western, February 1953.

I found each of these stories to be terrific entertainment. All of them feature the classic Western tropes with stories pitting brother against brother, family against family, bounty hunters, a sheriff reflecting on his final days, saloons, card cheats, outlaws, shootouts, bar fights and even a dosed bottle of hooch for added fun. Flynn's heroes are solid men of action and character, willing to sacrifice their livelihood and lives for justice and order. Fans of classic movie westerns may recognized Flynn's name as the author of The Man From Laramie starring James Stewart.

I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for other books by T.T. Flynn. With more than 100 stories to his credit in a variety of Western pulps, I have a lot more to look forward to.

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