Saturday, April 6, 2013

Narc #3 The Death List

This is the 3rd book in the Narc series by Robert Hawkes and first published in 1974. It's action driven, and not much in the way of a character study. But character study is for English majors and action is what we read books like this for, right? This is upper tier grindhouse men's adventure, and it's rather well written to boot. Narcotics agent John Bolt is a force of fury, going from New York to Paris and back again on the trail of professional working chick that has gotten her hands on a “black book” containing the list of suppliers and customers and corrupt officials involved in the drug trade. The owner of the list was gunned down during an orgy, leaving the parasites and vultures of the underworld scrambling after it. It's violent and nasty. You can see the blood-stained shag carpet and smell the cheap cologne throughout. I understand the Narc series is available in ebook format now, but I think the fun of a novel like this is finding an old paperback of it instead. My Signet copy is the one shown here. Oh yeah, and the pages smell like stale Winstons.
Signet - September 1974
As a writer friend of mine observed, “You just don’t get that from your Kindle!
Robert Hawkes is really Marc Olden who is also the writer of the the Black Samurai series. I haven’t been able to find any of the Black Samurai books in my used bookstore haunts yet. I suppose I’ll have to break down and go on EBay for some. I’m sorry I didn’t find about Marc Olden sooner. As so often happens, I’m late to the party again.
I’ve got three other books in the Narc series in my collection: #5 Kill the Dragon, #6 The Beauty Kill and #7 Corsican Death. I’m looking forward to stepping back in time to John Bolt’s world again soon.

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