Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Psych - Fever Tree

I've really been missing adding to the Ringer Files lately. Couple of things going on in the real world that has been taking up more time than expected. For starters, my first novel SIRENS will be published soon by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing which is really exciting. If this looks like your kind of thing then I highly recommend checking out the book and the other terrific novels and collections in their catalog. Also, I just started a new job last week, which is always a bit stressful and overwhelming. But enough of the personal plugging.

I thought I would share a pretty cool tune from Fever Tree, a band out of Houston Texas, "Where Do You Go" from their first album on Universal City Records. At first listen they sound like they would be right at home in the San Francisco scene that most fans of sixties rock are familiar with, especially with their single "San Francisco Girls." Texas produced a ton of excellent garage and psychedelic rock in the sixties, including  The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, and The Moving Sidewalks to name just two. Fever Tree had some early success with their first record and single, and went on to record a total of 5 albums. Interestingly enough, much of their material was written by their producers Scott and Vivian Holtzman, including the song "Where Do You Go?" that I'm sharing here. It's a pretty cool tune, with strains of Bolero in it and lots of fuzz guitar that I love.

For vinyl collectors, their first self-titled album is fairly easy to find. I've got their second and third albums on vinyl but I would recommend their first one over the others. But, that said, if you see any of their records, go ahead and pick one up if the price is right, I think you'll dig it. Enjoy.

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